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Traditional Owner: Albert ‘Sibby’ Johnson

It is not right that the Government can talk to a few people who do not represent us people with close family ties to that land at Lake Cowal… they need to understand what’s going on. It’s like crucifying the dead people that are laying down, turning over in their graves, listening to what you’ve stolen… When they first talked about the Gold Mine I said to Percy Knight “you shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with anything in the ground or lying on the ground.”

When they started digging up the dirt and stones they took me out there and I saw lots and lots of bags, blue bags with bones in them. I asked: “what are you going to do with them?” They told me to mind my own business. Later when no-one was around, I went back a second time to look in the bags I saw the bones clear with my own eyes… They shouldn’t have killed those Aboriginal People and the law do nothing about it, they shouldn’t be allowed to dig up their graves…

I told them to leave the gold in the ground. The Old People knew that the gold brought the rains, and if they disturb any more the drought will happen.
I am against the mine too because I am concerned about what is happening to our people… people will get sick from these things… I would ask that the Judges allow me the chance to speak to them in my country so they can understand how important our special sites are to us.

Albert ‘Sibby’ Johnson, Traditional Owner of Lake Cowal

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