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Traditional Owner: Albert �Sibby� Johnson

It is not right that the Government can talk to a few people who do not represent us people with close family ties to that land at Lake Cowal� they need to understand what�s going on. It�s like crucifying the dead people that are laying down, turning over in their graves, listening to what you�ve stolen� When they first talked about the Gold Mine I said to Percy Knight �you shouldn�t be allowed to interfere with anything in the ground or lying on the ground.�

When they started digging up the dirt and stones they took me out there and I saw lots and lots of bags, blue bags with bones in them. I asked: �what are you going to do with them?� They told me to mind my own business. Later when no-one was around, I went back a second time to look in the bags I saw the bones clear with my own eyes� They shouldn�t have killed those Aboriginal People and the law do nothing about it, they shouldn�t be allowed to dig up their graves�

I told them to leave the gold in the ground. The Old People knew that the gold brought the rains, and if they disturb any more the drought will happen.
I am against the mine too because I am concerned about what is happening to our people� people will get sick from these things� I would ask that the Judges allow me the chance to speak to them in my country so they can understand how important our special sites are to us.

Albert �Sibby� Johnson, Traditional Owner of Lake Cowal

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