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Court to hear injunction request against Barrick Gold extractions in Dominican Republic

Dominican Today
April 22nd, 2015

Sanchez Ramirez province (northeast) Civil Court judge Jacqueline Y. Ramos will hear on April 28 the request for an injunction to halt mining against Barrick Gold�s local operation Pueblo Viejo Dominicana filed by the missionary Rafael Guill�n, EFE reports.

"Thank God the complete file of our injunction, which calls for a halt of all mining operations by Barrick Gold is in Cotu�s courts and our request for a hearing has been set for next Tuesday," Guillen said in a statement.

He said Barrick Gold will face the Dominican people as a result of the "infernal" pollution caused by the extractions at Montenegro, Sanchez Ramirez province.

�We will have a meeting with the national press In the coming days to announce transcendental information going into this fight that we are taking to save the dignity of our people, trampled not only this criminal enterprise, but also by all sectors in cahoots, causing a silent genocide in the region where they operate and expand," Beltre said.

He called on the Dominican people not to be swayed by �the media circus of president Danilo Medina�s reelection� to distract the attention from the real issues. "While we�re in a reelection debate Barrick Gold continues to destroy life in our country."


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