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About Us serves as a portal to groups researching and organizing around mining issues, particularly involving Barrick Gold. It contains news articles, testimonies, and backgrounders about Barrick's operations worldwide. The administrators of this site are volunteers with sincere concerns for communities negatively impacted by Barrick's operations. ProtestBarrick is part of the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network, which works with communities impacted by Canadian mining around the world.

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WHO IS BARRICK GOLD? Barrick Gold is the world's largest gold mining company, founded and chaired by Peter Munk. With a former Canadian Prime Minister on their board and former executives sitting on the board of the Canadian Pension Plan, Barrick enjoys government funding and diplomatic support.

Barrick Gold is based in Toronto, Canada while Africa Barrick (now is a UK-based company 70% owned by Barrick Gold.

WHY PROTEST BARRICK? In countries around the world, Barrick takes advantage of inadequate and poorly enforced regulatory controls to rob indigenous people of their lands, destroy sensitive ecosystems and agricultural land, support brutal police and security operations, and sue anyone who tries to report on it. In the context of this libel chill, Barrick has branded itself as the socially responsible mining giant and boasts its listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Behind the scenes, Barrick has a long history of undermining democratic attempts to hold transnational corporations accountable. They were singled out [1,2] as the company most involved in the lobbying effort to stop private member�s bill C-300. This bill would have withdrawn government funding and diplomatic support for companies found � after an investigation � to be abusing human rights or violating international environmental norms.

Barrick has some cause for worry: last year, the Norwegian Pension fund divested $230 million from Barrick for ethical reasons, especially related to their mine in Papua New Guinea. And when Swiss Research firm Covalace compiled both quantitative and qualitative data � spanning seven years and 581 companies � they listed Barrick as the 12 least ethical company in the world.

Read the powerful Parliamentary testimonies of regarding Barrick�s operations in Argentina, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.

Partnering Organizations
A number of organizations have collaborated to organize both the CorpWatch report (released on May 2nd, 2007) and the content on this website. Since 2007, many more organizations have requested to be listed on We recommend that you consult their websites for more information about mining issues.

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Observatorio Latinoamericano de Conflictos Ambientales –

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The Bluewater Valley Downstream Alliance �

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Suma contra Pascua Lama = Campa�a de solidaridad –

Grupo No A Pascua Lama, Montreal

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Eco Lucha, Dominican Republic

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Blows to Barrick: Barrick's stocks tumble as costs rise
July 5th, 2013
In recent months, Barrick's share price have continuously tumbled to its current price of under $15/share, down from over $40/share last October. While there are many factors that have contributed to this sudden fall, much of it can be attributed to bad management, high debt, and fraudulent activity on the part of Barrick Gold.

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