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Houses develop cracks caused by blasting activities by Barrick Lumwana mine

Lusaka Times
October 21st, 2015

Several houses in village around Kakaindu in Manyama area of Kalumbila district have developed cracks arising from blasting activities by Barrick Lumwana mine at Chimibungu pit.

The affected villagers have complained that prior to the commencement of the blasting at Chimibungu pit, their houses never had cracks.

The aggrieved villagers have further complained that the widening cracks were posing a great challenge to them for they have to bear the maintenance costs.

They have since appealed to Barrick Lumwana mine to consider compensating or resettling them elsewhere.

In a statement to ZANIS today, group spokesman Ian Kamwana also appealed to the Minister of Mines to quickly intervene in the matter before a disaster befalls the villagers in Kakaindu area.

Mr. Kamwana said several reports have in the recent past been made to Barrick Lumwana mine management, the District Commissioner and the Minister of Mines but to no avail.

He said each time the villagers have approached Barrick Lumwana mine on the matter, management responded that it was waiting for a response from the Minister of Mines.

Mr. Kamwana further stated Mr. Alfred Chileya, who is an inspector of mines from the mines safety department, inspected the houses at Kahumuna, Kayonge and Kamau villages which are situated some seven to 70 metres away from road one gate along Solwezi- Mwinilunga road.

He revealed that Mr. Chileya made recommendations to Barrick Lumwana mine and the government that the affected villagers be relocated or compensated due to the magnitude of the blasting.

The report also noted the houses were no longer suitable for human habitation.

When contacted for a comment on the same matter by ZANIS today, Barrick Lumwana mine said the matter was handed over to government several months ago.

The mine management said it was waiting for a response on the matter from the Minister of Mines.


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