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Once Upon a Water Source

by Jessie Boylan

Mostly women and children go to collect water from the Tigithe river that has been contaminated by Barrick's god mine. Photo: Jessie Boylan

30.11.09 � Musoma>Tanzania

She�s tending to her shamba, her farm, the farm is still here, but�a little discoloured in places, some banana trees and pineapple plants have wilted, some are fruiting, but she can�t eat them, or rather, she won�t eat them.

Susanna Solomon, 55, is slim and shy mother of 12 from Nyangoto village, situated in the rural Tarime district on the eastern side of Lake Victoria. She has been farming here for a long time and continues to do so even though she can�t use her produce.

�I was farming rice before,� she said, �but I can�t anymore because of the chemicals.

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