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Vote for ProtestBarrick and Sakura Saunders in NOW magazine's "Best of 2013"!

Sakura speaks at a rally outside of the Museum of Nature as Barrick representatives inside the museum celebrate the opening of the Barrick Saloon at the museum.

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Vote for editor Sakura Saunders

We at ProtestBarrick are very honoured to announce that both ProtestBarrick and PB editor Sakura Saunders were nominated in NOW Magazine's "Best of Toronto". This huge honour should be shared amongst all of the hard-working volunteers that have worked to build a platform for mining impacted communities within Toronto, where Barrick Gold is based.

This award in NOW, which is Toronto's largest weekly magazine, is a huge recognition that we have made Barrick's abuses an issue in Toronto that demands a response! Beyond publishing reports, making videos and writing articles, we at ProtestBarrick have always seen it as our mandate to confront Barrick � at their meetings, in their offices, at investor conferences, on the streets, and in the schools. Since 2007, we have worked to organize coalitions, protests, creative interventions, street theatre, and educational events to build awareness of this criminal mining giant in their own backyard!

Thanks to NOW magazine for making this struggle even more visible with this recent award, and thanks to all of the volunteers and community partners that make this network a powerful force to confront a mining giant. With our truth, dedication, and persistance, we have been able shed some light in an archaic industry rife with abuse.


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