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Request to the Supreme Court of Argentina - immediate cessation of activities in Pascua-Lama

No a Pascua-Lama [Spanish]


Buenos Aires, May 13, 2011: Barrick Gold violates the law

The environmental groups Greenpeace, Environment and Natural Resources Foundation (FARN), Argentina Association of Environmental Lawyers (AAdeAA), Friends of the Earth and the Environment Dialogue (DXA) filed a complaint with the Supreme Court's Office with a  request ordering the immediate cessation of activities of the binational mining project "Pascua Lama" (San Juan), pursuant to the Law on Protection of glaciers, and provided the "immediate suspension" of the precautionary measures to prevent their implementation in the province.

According to the lawsuit, Barrick Gold violates the prohibition in Article 6 of the Act on Minimum Standards for Protection of glaciers and periglacial environment (No. 26639) and is developing its activities on glaciers and periglacial environment.

The lawsuit also asks for the "the immediate suspension of interim measures ordered by a federal court in San Juan" which impede the implementation in the province of the key articles of the standard.

The lawsuit petitions to ensure the full observance of the Law on Protection of glaciers, and ordering the immediate implementation of the National Inventory of Glaciers and Environmental Audit of the standard on the Pascua-Lama venture. The court filing also asks for an order requiring the defendants (the National Government, the Province of San Juan and the company Barrick Gold and its subsidiaries) to perform works of rehabilitation for environmental damage already caused.

The demand of environmental groups is part of the case brought before the Supreme Court, "Padilla Echeverry VARGAS, Ricardo Marcelo c / SAN JUAN, Province and others / environmental damage", where citizens complained of the environmental impact of Pascua-Lama even before the enactment of the Law on Protection of glaciers.

Enrico Viale
Argentina Association of Environmental Lawyers (AAdeAA)

Published on Friday, May 13, 2011


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