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Statement from La Rioja, Argentina in Struggle Against Barrick Gold

8 June, 2007
Today June 8, 2007, the road blockage in Pe�as Negras celebrates three months
of constant and tenuous struggle against the transnational criminal Barrick Gold
Corporation and all of the similar mining firms who are operating their plunder and
death throughout the world with the complicity of corrupt and sell-out officials.

Today more than ever we reaffirm our resistance and struggle in defense of life
and our common goods, and we denounce the double discourse of the current
government of
the Province of La Rioja and the plan that Barrick is carrying out
in the local media and means of communications to try and disarticulate the
social movements.

We will defend our Life and our resources until the final consequences, and
we will punish those who betray!


Vecinos de Famatina Autoconvocados en Defensa de la VIDA
Coordinadora de Asambleas Ciudadanas por la VIDA de Chilecito
Vecinos Autoconvocados de Pituil
Vecinos Autoconvocados de Cha�armuyo
Vecinos Autoconvocados de La Rioja Capital



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