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African Barrick Gold Clean Up Your Act! People and Livestock Threatened in Tanzania

On Thursday 21 April Sally and Adriana handed out flyers to shareholders at the first African Barrick annual general meeting in London. The flyer focused on Barrick's North Mara mine in Tanzania and the devastating impacts on the environment and community.

This is an account from Sally on the day ... thanks to Richard (London Mining Network), Helen (FoE EWNI), Sally and Adriana for all their help.

You can see pics here:
You can download the flyer here:
If you are in Toronto Canada come and support our protest outside the Barrick Gold AGM, 27 April 2011:


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop you a quick update on the Africa Barrick AGM yesterday.

Unfortunately, there were only two of us to leaflet, myself and another lady, Adriana. I think Barrick were expecting more protesters as the 'Head of Security' had been flown over from Tanzania!

There were no signs anywhere indicating the AGM was taking place so I spoke with the doorman who confirmed it was on. As I began to hand out leaflets to the various suits outside the Ballroom of the hotel where the AGM was taking place, I was asked to move off hotel property by the hotel head of security, who very seriously flashed me his security badge! The men I saw all appeared to work for Barrick.

Mitch or Titch or whatever his name was (security from Barrick Africa) came over to me saying 'Hi Sally' - very proud that he had obtained my name from Adriana! He spent time talking to me, trying to find out more about the campaign. I said very little but was of course very polite!!! He was questioning whether I believed what was written in the leaflet, to which I said 'yes' unless of course they have evidence to prove otherwise in which case why haven't they produced it. He was very aware of the Protestbarrick Campaign and your name Saku. He was also interested in the involvement of FoE as the logo was on the leaflet.

When I told him of Peter Munk's recent comment concerning rape in PNG, he claimed to be unaware and even tried to argue that we do 'try to Westernise' some parts of the world! To which I laughed and said that whatever way he wants to look at it there is no excuse for such a pig ignorant culturally insulting comment - when it is Barrick security who are responsible for the rapes. He shut up!

Basically, as I was not allowed on hotel property and faced with a threat of arrest if I did, it was difficult to get to those attending the AGM, of which numbers were very small anyway. Mitch/Titch helpfully informed me that I had more leaflets then there were shareholders. We covered both entrances but there was literally no-one to hand them to. On my way back to Green Park Tube, I handed loads out to the general public.

I took some pictures which are attached. They aren't great. Shall I post one to the Protestbarrick Facebook page?

Hope all is good in Canada - Please keep us up to date with the AGM actions at your end.

Speak soon



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