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Tanzanian Police Shoot Dead villager Muhono Marwa at Barrick's North Mara Mine

On the morning of January 21, the paramilitary police units that were brought by the hundreds after last month's uprising by the local communities met a group of youth in an area where villagers' homes come right into the mine fence. Apparently, the paramilitaries started to chase the youth and in the process opened fire, killing Muhono Marwa Gibare and wounding Nyakebayi Chacha Nyakebayi and Maswi Bokobora. Muhono Marwa was shot in the back while running away from the police. He died instantly. This latest killing brings to two villagers who have died violently in that mine since last month and eight since Barrick apparently adopted their shoot-to-kill strategy in July of 2005.

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Worst Companies in the World: US, Monsanto, Peabody and Barrick

The United States was voted the Worst Company in the World, followed by Monsanto, Peabody Energy Corp. and Barrick Gold.
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The Mwita family lives next to Barrick Gold's North Mara mine. Waste rock on the edge of the pit can be seen behind their home. Photo: Allan Cedillo Lissner

Civilian Uprising against Barrick Gold in Tanzania

BACKGROUND AND IMMEDIATE CONTEXT: Mine security shoots young man, villagers respond by destroying $7 million in equipment
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On Wednesday, Dec. 10 Evans Rubara speaks at St. Michael's College, Vermont, USA. (Photo by Juli Bongiorno)

Tanzanian journalist uncovers truth about mining industry supporter and investigative journalist, Evans Rubara speaks about the exploitation of Tanzanian land and people by multinational mining industries in a speaking tour in the US.
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LATE BREAKING NEWS: Thousands raid Barrick's North Mara mine, destroy $15 million in equipment

In what appears to be a spontaneous civilian movement against Barrick Gold, the world's largest gold miner, thousands of people invaded Barrick`s North Mara Gold Mine this week in Tarime District and destroyed equipment worth $15 million. One villager, identified as Mang�weina Mwita Mang�weina, died in the confrontation.

for context, read:

  • and "A Golden Opportunity?" an expos� on the Tanzanian mining industry, written by Tundu Lissu and Mark Curtis, published by Norwegian Church Aid in Tanzania.

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Fundraising Dinner, Art show and Storytelling Show Friday Dec. 12 in New York City

featuring photojournalist Allan Cedillo Lissner, Tanzanian Human Rights Activist Evans Rubara, and the Beehive Collective

Come for a night of good food and conversation, linking corporate globalization and colonization.

$10-20 sliding scale dinner includes a 4-course meal, a short film, presentations, and lots of good folks.

*all proceeds will go directly to people displaced from the Mtakuja village to pave way for AngloGold Ashanti in Mwanza Region in Tanzania.*

WHEN: Friday, December 12, 2008, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
WHERE: Sixth Street Community Center
638 East 6th Street (lower east side)
New York, NY

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Catherine Coumans (of Mining Watch Canada) stands next to Jethro Tulin holding up a photo of a bodybag taken from the Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea. photo: Allan Cedillo Lissner

New Audio Documentary: Path of Destruction: Canadian Mining Companies Around the World

The first of this documentary series features Jethro Tulin (Akali Tange Association) and Mark Ekepa (Chairman, Porgera Landowners Association) from the Enga Province of Papua New Guinea, where Barrick has its Porgera Mine.

 Canada is the world's leading mining nation. Sixty percent of all public mining companies are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. About half of all mining capital is raised in Canada. Many Canadian mining companies have become notorious for damaging communities and the environment and fueling wars and repression all over the world. The Canadian government has refused to hold these corporations accountable leading to international criticism of Canada.

Just as European settlers created Canada by stealing and plundering native land, its mining companies today continue these practices at home and abroad. This colonialism and neocolonialism is what Canada is all about.

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Mt. Tenabo, the sacred mountain (Photo courtesy Western Shoshone Defense Project)

Shoshone Indians Sue to Stop Barrick's Nevada Gold Mine

Five tribal and public interest parties filed a lawsuit in Nevada Federal Court on Thursday, seeking an immediate injunction to stop one of the largest open pit cyanide heap leach gold mines in the United States - the Cortez Hills Expansion Project on Mt. Tenabo.
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Porgera mine, PNG

Dangerous Duty in Papua New Guinea

Community members get "the opposite of what was promised" from Barrick Gold
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AFRICA FILES: Special issue on Canadian role in mining in Canada

The issue includes case studies from the DR Congo, Ghana, Tanzania, as well as a report on Canadian civil society efforts to get regulations passed by the government to make company activities more favourable to African peoples� interests.
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cortez mine, nevada, western shoshone
The Cortez Mine on Shoshone territory. The Shoshone have long accused the US, and now the Canadian government, of systematically ignoring their territorial rights in favour of multi-national corporations. Photo: Sandra Cuffe

Caretakers of the Land

All is not quiet on the western front. For the Western Shoshone, an indigenous nation with an unceded Treaty covering a large swath of 60 million acres of ancestral territory stretching across Nevada, California, Idaho and Utah, their traditional homeland is better described as a war zone.

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flier and photos by Allan Cedillo Lissner

"Someone Else's Treasure" Photo Exhibit

Home to fifty-seven percent of the world's mining companies, Canada leads the way in the global mining industry. But people the world over are raising complaints describing the mining industry as Canada's number one contribution to global injustice. Complaints include the displacement of indigenous communities, families being torn apart, destroyed livelihoods, ruined ecosystems and the erosion of ancient indigenous cultures.

Please join Toronto based photographer Allan Cedillo Lissner to discuss Someone Else's Treasure, an ongoing documentary project shedding light on the experiences of people around the world � including the Philippines, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Chile, and Canada � whose lives have been impacted by the global mining industry.

View Allan's photo's online at

See a review of Allan's show, written by Paul York.

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TAKE ACTION: Save spiritual site Mt. Tenabo

Please write a letter or email to the BLM expressing your opposition to the Cortez Hills Expansion Project
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Cleric grieves for victims of mining abuses

Emotions ran high during the release of a religious leaders' report on mining yesterday, with Anglican Archbishop Valentino Mokiwa held back tears when viewing a documentary on the life of communities evicted from their land to pave the way for large scale mining activities.
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Jethro Tulin, Ipili, Papua New Guinea, speaking out about human rights abuses at the hands of Barrick Gold.

MINING SACRED GROUNDS: Indigenous Leaders Share Their Stories of Resistance

7pm Wednesday 22 October 2008
Friends of the Earth
312 Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne

Jethro Tulin, Ipili, Papua New Guinea
Neville �Chappy� Williams, Wiradjuri, Australia

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Would you mine for gold in the National Cathedral? Stop the destruction of sacred Shoshone lands in Nevada

This Columbus Day, sacred sites are threatened by gold mining Canadian Barrick Gold wants to expand the Cortez gold mine in Nevada onto Mt. Tenabo, a site sacred to the Western Shoshone nation.

TAKE ACTION ... click here

Diaguita home in the Huasco Valley, Chile

Native Community in Desert Oasis Threatened by Mines

The Diaguita indigenous community in Huasco Alto, surrounded by rich gold, silver and copper deposits in the northern Chilean region of Atacama, are engaged in a struggle to prevent mining projects from infringing on their territory and destroying their way of life and ancestral identity.

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This photograph is taken on 25th of July 2008 at the Porgera Hospital during the postmortem of the dead body that was shot by the Barrick Gold's Security Guards on 22nd July 2008 at the village located above the entrance to the underground mine (Weingima village).

Killing of local boy at Barrick Gold Porgera mine creates crisis

On the evening of July 22nd, Barrick security guards open fired on the local villages using high powered assault raffles, M16 and shot guns on the harmless villages. The reckless use of excessive force resulted in instant death of the late Gipson Umbi. In the last few weeks, three more locals have died under mysteries circumstances at the mine site. 

For more photos/captions, contact: sakura.saunders[at] 

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Peter Munk, Barrick Gold, human rights, mining, gold, environment, disrupt

Exposing Barrick's founder & chairman, Peter Munk

Peter Munk interview at Indigo goes awry due to rowdy audience member

Meeting Crashers: Anti-mining activists confront shareholders at AGM

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ProtestBarrick launches a new blog

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