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Speaker Bios for Art show and Storytelling Fundraising Dinner, Friday Dec. 12, 2008

Evans Rubara: Based in Dar es Salaam, Evans Rubara, has written a number of articles critical of the Tanzanian government and of the gold mines in that country, which represent international corporate capitalism at its worst. The mining companies extract gold by pouring cyanide into the rocks (which is poisoning Lake Victoria); they avoid paying taxes by having a private air strip to shuttle the gold out of the country; and they have been accused by Amnesty International of burying over 50 miners alive in an attempt to "remove" local miners by bulldozing their homes and filling in the "independent" mine shafts. Rubara has eye-witness testimony from survivors of this catastrophe; he is continuing to press for an inquiry into the miners' deaths. For his efforts, he himself has received death threats. Formerly an investigative journalist, Rubara is now the program director for Advocacy and Communications for Norwegian Church Aid in Tanzania, which recently released the a critical report on mining in Tanzania.

The Beehive Collective: The Beehive Collective is an all volunteer non-profit graphics workshop who's mission is to cross pollinate the grassroots by creating iconic imagery that can be used as popular education and organizing tools. They create graphic narrative murals that tell stories of neo-colonisation, corporate globalisation and grassroots resistance using metaphors illustrated in pen and ink.

Allan Cedillo Lissner: Allan is a freelance documentary photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He will be showcasing his most recent work Someone Else's Treasure, an ongoing documentary project shedding light on the experiences of people around the world � including the Philippines, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Chile, and Canada � whose lives have been impacted by the global mining industry.

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