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Barrick Gold Dominican exports top US$1.4B, amid workers� protests

Dominican Today
December 10th, 2014

Barrick Gold�s Dominican mine has made 90 shipments totaling 139,419  kilos of gold worth US$1.4 billion thus far this year, a figure revealed as its workers staged a protest outside its Santo Domingo offices to demand the right to form a union.

Customs director Fernando Fern�ndez, who provided the figure and others during a Christmas luncheon with economic editors and opinion leaders, revealed that since March 22, 2013 the Canadian miner has made 171 gold shipments weighing 238,792.93 kilos, worth US$2.7 billion.


Barrick Gold Pueblo Viejo workers protested in front of the company�s offices at Lope de Vega Av. in the Dominican capital, demanding a wage increase, better working conditions and the right to forma a union, among other grievances.

The head of the United Barrick Workers Union said since 2010 they�ve been trying to negotiate with the company for employees to be recognized that right, as stipulated in the Labor Code.

Jacobo David Colon, accompanied by national union leader Pepe Abreu, said despite their struggle and several attempts to reach an agreement, they�ve achieved nothing, and decided to stage protests to draw attention to their demand.


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