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CONFRONT BARRICK: 2013 AGM Protest and Alternative Annual Report!

Once a year, the board of Directors of the world�s most powerful gold mining corporation converge in downtown Toronto. This year, we're releasing a report that chronicles Barrick's lies and highlights the true stories behind their false CSR spin. Help us ensure that these stories don't get ignored.


WHEN: April 24, 2013
WHERE: 255 Front St. Metro Convention Center, Toronto
WHY: Around the world, Barrick robs Indigenous people of their lands, destroys sensitive ecosystems and agricultural land, supports brutal police and security operations, and sues anyone who tries to report on it. But despite repression and a sophisticated PR machine, the truth is getting out about this corporate criminal.

Join us as we debunk Barrick's lies and help create a powerful movement of solidarity against Barrick and corporate impunity.

Be there with us to tell investors: �GOLD IS A TOXIC ASSET, INVEST IN LIFE!�


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