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University researchers divulge "presumptions," Barrick Gold says

Dominican Today
March 25th, 2010

The CEO of Barrick Gold�s local mining affiliate accused the members of Santo Domingo State University�s (UASD) Academy of Science, Environmental Commission and Chemistry Institute of divulging false appreciations on the ailment which struck hundreds of its employees last week.

Fernando Sanchez said the members of those organisms have acted on presumptions since they have neither formally requested to visit the mine�s facilities, nor analyzed those affected, nor contacted them.

He said Barrick Gold confides in the information provided by the Public Health Ministry, and the company Sodexso, which supplies the meals for the executives and workers in the mine at Pueblo Viejo, Cotu� (northeast).

More than 300 workers of in the mine showed symptoms including fainting blamed on food poisoning, although none serious to their health.

The UASD professionals yesterday questioned the food poisoning claim, and affirmed instead that it was a chemical toxin, noting neither the executives nor the sanitary authorities have presented the results of coprology analyses nor cultures for bacterial infection.

They said they�ll continue their research until the mining company allows access to the site to determine the type of chemical poisoning, although Sanchez reiterated their confidence in the information provided, and that the allegations seek to misinform the country with a �informative conspiracy.�


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