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Senate Environment chief wants Barrick Gold contract reviewed

Dominican Today
March 16th, 2010

The head of the Senate�s Environmental Commission asked the Presidency to review the gold mining contract with the company Barrick Gold, to obtain better advantages and compensate affected communities.

Felix Nova, the ruling PLD party lawmaker for Monse�or Noel province, said the contract will not benefit his community. In a communication directed to the director �Monse�or Noel province and its municipalities Bonao, Piedra Blanca and Maim�n which encompass almost half of the mine, are excluded from the benefits, in fact already reduced by the general terms of the contract.�

He said the mining operation in his province will lead to the destruction and pollution of its water sources, dust and other problems, adding that the contract�s revision must include supervision mechanisms to safeguard the environmental, responsibility against liabilities left by the prior miner Rosario Dominicana and �mainly the benefits which the affected municipalities must receive.�

Nova added that despite that he didn�t vote to approve the contract, he acknowledges that the gold mining operation in Pueblo Viejo, Cotu� (northeast) provides funds necessary to solve the country�s problems.


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