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Over 400 workers of the mining company Gold Barick are poisoned in Cotu�

by Andres Vasquez, Ricardo SantanaListin Diario
March 15th, 2010

More than 400 workers from the mining company Barrick Gold to make preparations to exploit a gold mine at Pueblo Viejo, Cotu�, today became intoxicated by inhaling a chemical, yet unspecified by doctors or executives mining.

The intoxicated were taken to Guadalupe Nunez and clinics, public hospital Cotu� Immaculate Conception, as well as health centers in San Francisco de Macoris, Bonao, Santiago, La Vega and Maimon.

Due to high toxic effects of many of the workers, medical staff and paramedics who treat them was equipped with masks.

He said workers began to feel faint, vomit, headache and other symptoms.

An employee of mine said the number of intoxicated could exceed the figure cited above.

The doctors reported that some of those affected have a clinically sensitive, but not seriously.

One of the workers involved in clinical internal Cotu� Nunez said the company heard a loud explosion and suddenly many people who were in the area began to feel faint, headaches to the point of losing knowledge.

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