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Dominican Republic�s Environment chief wants Barrick Gold�s contract revised

Dominican Today
March 9th, 2010

Environment minister Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal today suggested a revision of the Government�s contract with the Canada based mining company Barrick Gold, so it pays for the environmental cleanup, noting that �he who eats the meat must also eat the bones.�

He clarified that Barrick Gold ha yet to start operations it isn�t polluting the environment in northeast Sanchez Ramirez province, and the contamination there place stems from the open pits left by the previous mining companies including Rosario Dominicana.

Fernandez Mirabal said the pollutants are the result of rains which oxidize the sulfides, which must be exploited to remove the gold, but controls are needed to prevent the resurgence of contaminants.

He said the government must supervise the operation, since politicians aren�t used to the moral convention of provide follow up.

The Environment Minister spoke to the press after a visit to Supreme Court president Jorge Subero on his 63rd birthday, and who�ll plant a tree in the Botanical Garden to celebrate.


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