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BREAKING: Riots in Porgera
Barrick Security kill local miners, spark deadly confrontation

Jethro Tulin reports..

by compiled reports from Jethro Tulin

Riots break out in Porgera, Papua New Guinea, after Toronto-based Barrick Gold's security kills several local miners. Reporting by activist Jethro Tulin, of the Akali Tange Association, a local human rights organization. Jethro has visited Canada many times to advocate around compensating victims of mine-related violence and collectively resettling the population away from the mine. This is the violence that exists surround Barrick's mines in PNG, Tanzania, and Peru.

Jethro's first update Tuesday, Dec. 3 10pm (EST): More than 5 local miners shot death by Barrick PJV security and state mobile task force at the Porgera mine site yesterday afternoon. Stand off between Mine operator, Police and local miners intensify as local miners invade Porgera station and Paiam town at this hour of posting. It looks like a peaceful protest by locals.

Around Midnight, Dec. 3: Chaos in Porgera now. Thousand mobs rampage Porgera station and heading in direction of the mine site. Most likely there will be confrontation.

Wed. December 3, 5am:
Update on Porgera News, one more local was shot dead in the afternoon hours of today when raging mobs marched towards Paiam town. According to eye witness the victim received bullet wounds on the head. The shooting occurred at Pogema bridge. It is believed Police blocked marching crowd from advancing towards Paiam when confrontation triggered of shooting. Soon after, the raging mobs returned towards Porgera in rampage and anything on their way was destroyed. The rioting crowd advanced towards the mine site but police I think managed to take control. Meanwhile nightshift employees commuting to work from Paiaim and Porgera station areas have been advised not to show up for work. Situation still tense at the moment. The dead toll is not confirmed yet hence, figures are from hear say and confirm number of deaths will be posted when the final numbers are collected from relatives of victims.


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