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URGENT APPEAL: Human Rights Defender Attacked

Mineral Policy Institute
November 20th, 2008

Please give urgently so that we can help support the Mineral Policy Institute to cover the costs of Jethro�s medical treatment AND continue our campaign to end the toxic practices.

Jethro speaking at the United Nations:

�My name is Jethro Tulin and I am a native Engan and Executive Officer of Akali Tange Association, a human rights organisation that has been documenting human rights abuses associated with Barrick Gold�s Porgera mine in the Enga Province of PNG. Earlier this year I participated  in speaking events, meetings with key stakeholders - including Barrick staff and the United Nations- and press conferences held to bring attention to the human rights crisis in my homeland and initiate a resolution to these issues.

Since my return to PNG, I have received anonymous threats against my life. I have been told that Barrick Gold personnel have denounced me and the landowner representatives who I travelled with to Canada, as well as various organisations such as MiningWatch Canada, Mineral Policy Institute and the United Nations in community meetings. In the letter to the chairman of the Porgera Landowners Association dated July 23, 2008  I am named in a negative context and as a participant in numerous �anti-Barrick events� in the U.S and Canada which Barrick found �destructive, divisive, and demeaning."

Then, on August 4th, I was violently attacked by men with machetes. They smashed my right writing arm and broke it into four places. During the attack, one of the attackers threatened me, stating, "You are not going to go to Canada again.�

And here I am not giving up, but to struggle on ahead. Barrick Gold must be accountable for the human rights crisis in Porgera.

- Jethro Tulin

Surgery in PNG on Jethro�s arm failed and he has been receiving treatment in Australia for his injuries.  He will remain in Australia until he can return to the Enga Province safely. Mr Tulin will continue his efforts to address the continuing human rights crisis linked to Barrick Gold's Porgera mine from Australia.

The costs to evacuate Mr Tulin and subsequent medical bills have decimated MPI�s budgets. We need your help to continue our campaigns to end killings and toxic dumping.

Your tax-deductible donation is vital to enable MPI to continue our investigations and continue our support and work with these communities. We urge you to consider becoming a monthly Pledge Donor to MPI, however your one-off contribution will also aid our campaign. To donate please click here.

Please pass this onto your friends and colleagues and encourage them to support the ongoing campaign to bring justice to communities affected by mining giants like Barrick Gold.

MPI will make your donation talk.
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