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Barrick Gold censors Indigenous Leaders' opposition to gold mining on their lands

May 7th, 2008

The Barrick Gold AGM was beamed around the world via a live webcast but when the Indigenous delegates checked the internet they found the webcast ends with the speech by Peter Munk, the Chairman, and their powerful statements and questions have been censored.

Peter Munk was clearly uncomfortable at question time and only allowed three voices from the network of dissent to be heard. They were:

  • Jethro Tulin, CEO, Akale Tange, concerning the Porgera mine, Enga Province, Papua Niugini;
  • Neville Chappy Williams, Lake Cowal, Central New South Wales, Australia; and
  • Larson Bill, Western Shoshone Defense Project, Nevada, USA
Barrick Gold is under pressure because the alleged gross violations of human rights perpetrated by Barrick Gold employees are gaining increasing exposure as the communities affected by Barrick Gold's operations are using the digital age to communicate around the world through email, websites, and skype . Also, a week ago, at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues delegates, whose communities are severely impacted by mining, could network and develop recommendations and strategies to make rogue mining companies more accountable.

The network of communities impacted by Barrick Gold are calling on all investors to divest their shares and no longer support a transnational corporation that perpetrates gross violations of human rights, such as alleged killings, rapes, poisoned waters, poisoned rivers, poisoned soil, and forced migration.

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