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Cyanide Protesters Hope To Stop Train

ABC News Online
May 24th, 2007

Police say they have advised a group of protesters against a plan to flag
down a freight train tonight near Urunga, on the New South Wales mid-north
coast, saying they could face penalties including fines or imprisonment.

Cyanide Watch spokesman Graeme Dunstan says they plan to ask the train
driver how much cyanide he is transporting, believing increasingly large
amounts of the chemical are being sent through the Northern Rivers.

He says the condition of some of the area's rail infrastructure is so poor
that a derailment and toxic spill is a possibility.

Mr Dunstan says people have a right to know how much of the chemical is
being freighted through the region.

"As the gold mining industry works lower and lower grade ores they use
more and more cyanide," he said.

"They use cyanide to extract the gold ... these figures are not public. The
Government's keeping them secret and so is the maker and so is the carrier."



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