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Protest Barrick Gold's Shareholder Meeting

April 27th, 2009

WHEN: Wednesday, April 29, 9am

WHERE: Metro Convention Centre, 255 Front St.

see media release

Read the statement of Jethro Tulin, of the Porgera Alliance and the Akali Tange Association 

Read the statement of Sergio Campusano, President of the Diaguita Huascoaltinos

Affected Indigenous communities from Papua New Guinea and Chile are coming to Toronto to give Peter Munk a piece of their mind. Come out and support them! Rally at the annual general meeting of Barrick Gold on Wed. April 29th.

Jethro Tulin is native to the rocky highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Jethro Tulin is a popular organiser and founder of the Akali Tange Association (ATA), a human rights organization documenting abuses at the Porgera mine, owned by Toronto�s Barrick Gold.

Jethro has been organizing within and outside the Barrick's Porgera mine since its inception (then owned by Placer Dome. In 1989, he registered Porgera�s first mine workers union and became its first secretary. Years later, after spending time abroad and involved in other aspects of Papua New Guinea�s nascent union movement, Jethro returned to Porgera to find the situation with the mine and the surrounding villages had worsened dramatically. So, in 2003, he founded the ATA, which has operated in Porgera with an all-volunteer staff and material support from friends, victims� relatives, and even local businessmen and officials.

here's a good youtube clip of Jethro speaking:

Sergio Campusano is the President of the Diaguita Huascoaltinos Indigenous and Agricultural Community. Since he assumed the role of president, Sergio has been fighting against the greed of the mining corporations and the local agriculture companies in order to mantain the rights of his people. He has participated pressing charges in countless times even against the Chilean State and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. He's conscious they're fighting not only to represent the living, but also the ancestral thought of preservation of the ecosystem for the entire world, for the children of us all. In this clear idea is impregnated the principles of AUTO-DESTINY, AUTONOMY, and the right of the indigenous peoples of AUTODETERMINATION.

He will be accompanied by Albadina Carmona Villegas, an elder of his community.


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