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CONFRONT BARRICK: 2013 AGM Protest and Alternative Annual Report!

Once a year, the board of Directors of the world’s most powerful gold mining corporation converge in downtown Toronto. This year, we're releasing a report that chronicles Barrick's lies and highlights the true stories behind their false CSR spin. Help us ensure that these stories don't get ignored.


WHEN: April 24, 2013 9:30am
WHERE: 255 Front St. Metro Convention Center, Toronto
WHY: Around the world, Barrick robs Indigenous people of their lands, destroys sensitive ecosystems and agricultural land, supports brutal police and security operations, and sues anyone who tries to report on it. But despite repression and a sophisticated PR machine, the truth is getting out about this corporate criminal.

Join us as we debunk Barrick's lies and help create a powerful movement of solidarity against Barrick and corporate impunity.

Be there with us to tell investors: “GOLD IS A TOXIC ASSET, INVEST IN LIFE!”

Barrick Gold CEO Jamie Sokalsky gets called out at Toronto mining convention

Once a year, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) throws the world's largest mining convention in downtown Toronto. This year, the convention featured a track on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that was open to the public. The final session of this track was a CEO panel featuring Jamie Sokalsky, the CEO of Barrick Gold.

While Sokalsky tried to present Barrick's CSR program as more than just window dressing, I got ahold of the mic to draw attention to the very real and on-going human rights abuses at two of Barrick's mine sites, first in North Mara, Tanzania and then in Porgera, Papua New Guinea. Unfazed by the fact that they turned off my mic, I raised my voice to speak louder about the scale of the devastation in Papua New Guinea. Finally, the security escorted me out as I handed out footnoted fact sheets to the audience at the forum.

Barrick's entire board and shareholders will gather this April 24 in Downtown Toronto's Metro Convention Centre's John Basset Theatre at 10am. Please come and confront Barrick yourself... don't let them get away with denying the destruction their are imposing on other communities!

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Apalaka Village is one of the villages where inhabitants must move further and further up the mountainside to avoid their homes being swallowed by the mine waste, which causes landslides. photo: Sakura Saunders

The Globe and Mail as Corporate Apologists

behind the love affair with Barrick Gold

Ever wonder why the Globe & Mail puts out fawning editorials about Barrick after every human rights scandal?

Read the background behind the Globe and Mail's love affair with Barrick Gold.

Also see Mining Watch's response, "Globe and Mail proclaims on rapes in Papua New Guinea"

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Fly Over of Barrick Gold's Mine in Lake Cowal

On Monday 4th February 2013, Wiradjuri Traditional Owner, Nevillle 'Chappy' Williams and co-founders and editors Sakura Saunders (Canada) and Natalie Lowrey (Australia) took a cessna plane from Forbes to Lake Cowal in central western New South Wales, Australia to document a gold mine in the lake.

The slideshow video of the recent flight over Lake Cowal shows Barrick's mine pit in the lake bed surrounded by water. On the flight there were hundreds of birds seen in the 1km square toxic tailings dams. Many of these birds have flown great distances to get here and cannot differentiate the difference between the water of Lake Cowal and the tailings dams of the mine. The contamination of water with cyanide and heavy metals by the mine is of major concern to Wiradjuri Traditional Owners and environmentalists.

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14 Lies by Barrick Gold on Glacier Impacts at Pascua Lama

a response to Barrick's propaganda machine

Since Barrick Gold proposed the absurd plan to dynamite glaciers to get at gold deposits underneath perennial ice, a movement has begun along the Central Andes comprising civil society actors, environmental groups, indigenous peoples, common individuals and even governmental agencies, to ensure glacier protection. In Argentina, the world’s first National Glacier Law was adopted in 2010, and in Chile, there is a National Glacier Policy in place to protect these critical water reservoirs captured in perennial ice.  

This report responds to Barrick's misleading and sometimes outright false statements being produced on Barrick's new website, ironically titled “Protecting Glaciers.”

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Harper's chief of staff faces conflict of interest questions over Barrick Gold links

Chief of Staff is godfather to Munk's son and has links to Munk's policy foundation

With all of these articles coming out about how Harper's Chief of Staff is a close family friend of the Munks, decided to put out a short list of all of the ways that the Harper gov. has directly hooked up Barrick over the years!

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Accumulation by Dispossession: Barrick & Goldcorp’s Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine in the Dominican Republic

Barrick and Goldcorp’s Pueblo Viejo gold mining project, the “biggest single foreign direct investment ever done in the Dominican Republic estimated at US $3.5 billion”, should begin full operations in July 2012. While the economic sectors deem it an economic blessing, the local population, environmentalists, and progressive groups strongly oppose it due to numerous social problems already underway and the potential to cause an irreversible environmental disaster in the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

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Barrick Gold Suffers Legal Defeat in Argentine Supreme Court

Glacier Protection Law Holds and Mining Companies Must Reveal Impacts

Cuadro de texto: Glacier Destroyed by Barrick’ Veladero Mining RoadBarrick Gold, the company that had proposed dynamiting glaciers and hauling them off in dump trucks so they could get at gold reserves at their Pascua Lama project, suffered a major setback today in the Argentine National Supreme Court. An injunction order originally granted to Barrick by a local federal circuit court judge suspending the recently approved National Glacier Act, was terminally revoked. The glacier law is now back in full force for Barrick and other mining companies operating in Argentina.

Mining companies investing in exploration activities all along the Andes mountains were quietly awaiting the ruling by the Argentine Supreme Court which issued an 8 page verdict today stating firmly that the glacier law holds and Barrick and a slew of other mining companies exploring for minerals in the high Andes mountains, will now have to file glacier impact reports on their operations and adhere to the law. If they are found to be in glacier areas, or impacting glaciers, according to the law, they will have to redesign their projects, or worse, pack their bags and go home.

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Occupy Toronto Highlights Affected Community Voices in 24-hour protest Against Barrick Gold.

Protesters, joined by Occupy Toronto, rallied outside of Barrick Gold's Annual General Meeting this year to demonstrate their opposition to the Toronto-based company. Many activists had spent the night outside of convention centre that hosted the meeting the night before as a 24 hour sit-in protest against the company.

This year, Amani Mhinda came from Tanzania to speak out against Barrick's abuses in his country. Despite holding a legal proxy to attend the meeting, his entrance was denied. Speakers from Balochistan and Argentina also spoke out against Barrick Gold and other Canadian mining companies. Powerful statements were read from the Diaguita Huascoaltinos Indigenous community in Northern Chile and the Porgera Alliance from Papua New Guinea. This year, the protest was also joined Students from the Student School, who targeted the park across the street from the Metro Convention Centre last night.

For the past five years, impacted communities have been speaking out at Barrick's Annual General meeting. 

Read Press Release about Amani Mhinda's illegal exclusion from the Barrick AGM

Porgera Alliance statement read at the Barrick Gold AGM.

Diaguita Huascoaltinos Statement for Barrick Gold AGM.

Read article about The Student School's decision to support the Barrick Protest as a school.

Listen to Audio from the protest.

CONFRONT BARRICK GOLD! Annual General Meeting Protest

Once a year, the board of Directors of the world's most powerful gold mining corporation converge in downtown Toronto. Join us and representatives from mining-impacted communities to... CONFRONT BARRICK GOLD!

WHAT: Shareholders meeting protest
WHEN: May 2, 2012 10:30am
WHERE: Metro Convention Centre 255 Front St, Toronto


In countries like Australia, Chile, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania, Barrick takes advantage of inadequate and poorly enforced regulatory controls to rob indigenous people of their lands, destroy sensitive ecosystems and agricultural land, support brutal police and security operations, and sue anyone who tries to report on it. In the context of this libel chill, Barrick has branded itself as the socially responsible mining giant and boasts its listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Behind the scenes, Barrick has been singled out as the company most involved in the lobbying effort to stop private member’s bill C-300.

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Activists demand to ban cyanide outside in Dominican Republic

Banner drop and protest outside of Barrick office in Dominican Republic

The group SalvaTierra took a non-violent direct action this morning in front of the building where the multinational mining corporation Barrick has part of its offices in capital city, Santo Domingo. It declared its support to dozens of environmental and social groups that have already expressed their opposition to megamining in the country and joined the campaign by the Latin America Mining Conflicts Observatory (OCMAL) to ban cyanide in the whole region.

In their statement, the group warns that: “Mega open pit mining is an activity whose enormous scale entails major environmental impacts, such as the destruction of large forests, the massive consumption of fresh water and electricity, the production of acid drainage, and above all the use of large amounts of highly toxic substances”. Amongst the latter they highlighted cyanide, which Barrick is planning to use for processing 24,000 tons of mineral daily in the Pueblo Viejo mine currently under construction.

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CEDHA Files Equator Principles Due Diligence Review to US EXIM Bank and EDC of Canada on Barrick’s Pascua Lama Project

UPDATE: US Export-Import Bank (Exim) and EDC of Canada will not finance Barrick’s Pascua Lama Gold Mining Project

The Center for Human Rights and Environment (CEDHA), along with several local and international groups presented today an Equator Principles Due Diligence Review to two export credit agencies considering financing Barrick Gold’s highly controversial Pascua Lama gold project, straddling the border between Chile and Argentina. The review argues that Pascua Lama is in direct violation of the Equator Principles, which are global norms laying out conditions for responsible investment. The 45 page critique of Barrick’s Pascua Lama project, brings together existing and new evidence showing innumerable social and environmental norms violations by Barrick’s operations at both Pascua Lama (which is set to commence in the near future) as well as at the adjacent project Veladero, also by Barrick.

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Indigenous Group Sues Chile in Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for Approving Barrick's Pascua Lama Mine

First hearing of the complaint to be held in Washington D.C. Friday Oct. 28

On Friday, in Washington D.C., the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will hear a complaint against the Chilean State, lodged by the Diaguita Huascoaltinos Indigenous and agricultural community. This case, admitted in February of 2010, claims that the government violated the community's Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC), and did not consider comments submitted by the Diaguita Huascoaltinos in the environmental assessment process that approved the mine. The claim also states that Barrick’s claim to land on and near the Pascua Lama project on the border of Chile and Argentina relies on a series of fraudulent land claims to collectively held-Diaguita Huascoaltinos land.

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Indigenous Landowners release report demanding urgent resettlement

The Porgera Land Owners Association (PLOA), in partnership with the Porgera Alliance released a report today detailing the case for the urgent resettlement of their people away from Barrick’s Porgera mine. The report covers the health hazards associated with living close to the mine, as well as enumerating the human rights abuses caused by mine security. The report also recounts the history of the mine’s agreements with the local community, revealing a pattern of neglect of the community’s free, prior and informed consent at nearly every stage of the mine’s development.

This report follows investigations and reports published by Amnesty International, Harvard Law, Human Rights Watch, and the Norwegian Government all detailing the dangerous conditions near the Porgera mine. However, this report stands out as a comprehensive look at the history of the Porgera mine, from the perspective of the landowners who have led negotiations with the company.

download report here:

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image taken from Globe and Mail's investigative work at Barrick's North Mara Mine, see:


The police army, on 16th May 2011 intentionally shot dead five people in Nyamongo-Tarime and inflicted seriously bodily harm to many others alleging that they invaded one of the Barrick Gold mines at Nyamongo-Tarime district.

As part of its work, LEAT sent a special research/fact finding mission to collect facts regarding Nyamongo-Tarime massacre and impunities reportedly taking place on 16th May 2011. The fact finding mission composed of Mr. Stanslaus Nyembea (LEAT) and Evans Sichalwe (LHRC).


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A local man stands by a house in what used to be a rural area. It has almost since been overtaken by waste rock from Barrick's North Mara mine. credit Norwegian Church Aid

Barrick's Bodysnatchers

Wanton killings, criminalization, and degradation continue at the North Mara Mine in Tanzania

leer el artículo en español aqui

On May 16, over a thousand people entered a mine in northern Tanzania, desperate to collect whatever gold they could from the modern industrial site that used to be their bread and butter. But instead of providing the displaced artisanal miners with a boost to their meager income, the day ended in horror. Seven men were killed, and at least a dozen wounded when police unleashed a hail of bullets.

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Social Conflict leaves seven dead at the hands of Barrick security in Tanzania

Security forces at African Barrick Gold's North Mara mine in Tanzania killed seven “criminal intruders” and injured a dozen more after 800 people stormed the project armed with machetes, rocks and hammers in a bid to steal gold ore, according to mainstream media reports.

Confrontations between local people and mining security are not uncommon near Barrick's North Mara mine in Tanzania. As Bloomberg journalist Cam Simpson reported in his feature story about the mine, "Security guards and federal police allegedly have shot and killed people scavenging the gold-laced rocks to sell for small amounts of cash, according to interviews with 28 people, including victims’ relatives, witnesses, local officials and human-rights workers."

These conflicts take place in the context of forced displacement, destroyed livelihoods and farmlands, and the on-going poisoning of local residents that characterizes Barrick's North Mara mine.

READ: North Mara’s message to government, by Beldina Nyakeke of The Citizen (Tanzania) May 2011

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It is shareholder's season once again, and for mining-impacted communities all over the world that means it is time to confront Canadian mining companies at these companies' annual general meetings. It also means that impacted communities are converging in Canada to share their truth and make alliances to help them hold these corporations accountable!

Join us for the...

Show your support with impacted communities from Barrick Gold.

May 9th: Hamilton, Skydragon Centre, 27 King William, 6pm-9pm
May 10th: Kitchner-Waterloo, Great Hall, Student Life Center, University of Waterloo, 5-7pm
May 11th:
London (6pm), 505 Dundas St, Cross Cultural Learner Centre, meeting room C, 6pm
May 12th:
Outer Toronto Area, High School Conference (invite only)
May 13th:
Kingston, Grey House 51 Bader Lane Kingston, 6pm
May 15th:
Montreal, 2110 Centre, 2110 Mackay, 4pm

If interested in meeting up with tour participants, e-mail

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Mining Injustice: Confronting Corporate Impunity

A Free Conference at the University of Toronto, ON Canada

Mining Injustice Solidarity Network is pleased to invite you to the third conference on the impact of Canadian mining on local communities throughout the world, which will take place the 6th - 8th of May of 2011, in Toronto.


***bring your own cup and a blank t-shirt if you can!***

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Round up from outside Barrick Gold's shareholder meeting

APRIL 27, 2011: The team is currently in Toronto, Canada for the Barrick Gold's Annual General Meeting (AGM) and our 5th speaking tour with Barrick mining impacted communities. This year we are joined by Papua New Guinean community and hopefully (visas permitting) community from Tanzania and the Philippines.
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